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Welcome to watch the NBA live stream games online. You know that NBA playoffs will be televised on three TV channels TNT, ESPN and ABC, and there are also plenty of streaming options to watch any basketball matchups.

nba live stream

The NBA season is here with us. In case you are a basketball fan, you do not wish to miss out on the events. For you to be certain to enjoy all the NBA playoffs & Finals games, you definitely have to make use of the most suitable streaming channels or viewing point.

There are innumerable channels to watch NBA live online. However, not all of them are reliable. Most of them have signed contracts to beam on a selected few channels. Some are way too expensive to afford. This means you may not really be in the position to afford them even if you wanted to.

Watch NBA live stream

That is why you need some guidance as regards the best options for you. We have carried out in-depth research on the various streaming channels that you may look up to. We have sampled the best ever which will really be of use to you. We are going to explain them in the proceeding conversations together with how you will have to go about the issue of streaming through them.

How to watch NBA Playoffs live stream

#1: NBA on PlayStation Vue

This is by far the most recommended channel for the streaming of the NBA games. It is by far the cheapest of all the available options. It will hence return a higher value for money. The platform avails several packages for you to choose from.

The core package is the most recommended. This is because it is more comprehensive in scope and as such, brings along several other channels as well. Examples of these include the ESPN Suite, NBA TV, and TNT.

It does have a user-friendly interface which is pretty easy to use. You will find it pretty simple to engage and navigate. What’s more, this option has a DVR cloud backup which preserves past videos for you to follow.

On the whole, the channel is able to work well with several other like-minded devices. Some of the devices that have exclusive rights to stream the NBA matches via the PlayStation consoles are:

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation

#2: DirecTV Now

Looking for long-term streaming of contents online, you definitely want a streaming solution that has a wider variety of content. This is the only way to justify such a long-term subscription and investments. The DirecTV comes in handy for a person like you.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

The monthly subscription fee for this channel is $50. This may sound a lot but is actually cheaper considering the many channels that this streaming option provides. Just like the NBA on PlayStation Vue above, it also comprises several packages. However, the best of these packages for streaming the upcoming NBA matches is the “Just Right” package.

Streaming Services

Unlike the NBA on PlayStation Vue above, this channel lacks several vital features. For instance, it lacks the DVR could and hence cannot store past videos for you to play back. This means you have to watch the matches live only and to be physically present at all times. If you have a tight schedule, this is not the option for you.

DirecTV Now streams on limited platforms and consoles. It cannot stream on the Xbox and the PlayStation. Below are the main devices or platforms with which you may stream your favorite games:

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation

#3: Sling TV

Sling TV has more or less similar rates and subscription plans as the PlayStation Vue. However, it provides fewer channels and fewer contents. You will still be able to watch dozens of local channels though. This platform provides excellent picture quality and awesome user experience.

Pricing and Plans

It avails its services in two main options and package. These are the Blue and Orange respectively. The various sporting channels through which you may view the upcoming NBA matches are located in both packages.

This means that you have to subscribe to both packages in order to watch all the upcoming matchups. This will cost you roughly $40. Given that NBA TV which is the primary source of all contents is included in neither package, you will have to subscribe to the Sports Extra package. This will cost an additional $10.

Device Compatibility

Through this platform, you will be able to stream through all the major devices save for the PlayStation consoles. The following are some of the compatible devices you may consider utilizing:

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation

#4: FuboTV

Are you cash-strapped? Would you still wish to enjoy your favorite NBA matchups? If I heard you answer yes, then this could be your answer. It is deliberately made cheaper for the first two months of the subscription. Moreover, you can also opt out if and when you are no longer satisfied. It nonetheless lacks the big sporting channels such as TNT and ESPN.

Every NBA Game live, Every Reply; Pricing and Subscription Plans

If you are a first time subscriber, expect to part with only $20 in the first month. At the expiration of the second month, the monthly subscription spikes to $39.99.

NBA Live TV Channels 

As stated, this platform does not stream the TNT and ESPN sports contents. It, however, makes up for this inadequacy by incorporating several soccer channels, NBATV and the NFL channel. Its strongest point is its emphasis on local sporting contents as well as the affordable pricing.

Just like the PlayStation Vue, Fubo also has a DVR cloud backup. This guarantees you the convenience you need to watch your favorite games at the time that is most convenient for you.

Device Compatibility

Fubo TV is compatible with almost every other device except the video game consoles. Below are some of the compatible devices:

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation

#5: Hulu TV

If you cherish local content and wants to gain access to plenty of contents for less, you may consider Hulu. As you shall see, this streaming avenue has the ability to deliver to you just that.

NBA live stream Pricing and Plans

Expect to part with around $39.99. This is pretty high. However, you will get to enjoy plenty of top channels like ESPN, ABC, and TNT. It, however, lacks the NBA TV. Unlike most other platforms we have explored, this one has limited packages or options. As a matter of fact, it only has one package for you. However, by subscribing on Hulu, you will gain access to its library, which opens a door for more contents than you actually pay for.

On the whole, Hulu places special emphasis on local contents and sports coverage. It also has a DVR cloud and also offers a reliable NBA live coverage.

Device Compatibility for every NBA game live stream, every reply

You may stream the upcoming NBA live matchups via any electronic device that is not a Samsung or Playstation device. The following are some of the compatible devices:

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation

#6: NBA League Pass

If you are a basketball fan who wants to watch matches that are not relevant to your area, this NBA League Pass is your channel of choice. It has three main packages, namely the NBA Team Pass, NBA League Pass, and the NBA League Pass Premium.

NBA Team Pass

This package gives you access to only one team. Through this package, you will get to catch and monitor the progress of a selected team throughout the season. It is a nice option if you have a favorite team whose progress you would wish to follow. It will cost you $119.99 for the entire season or $17.99 per month. You will not have the privilege of watching those matches that are aired via the ESPN, NBATV, and TNT.

Get your NBA League Pass free for seven day’s from here.

With this package, you will be able to watch all local matches except those that take part in your area. You should expect to part with $199.99 for an entire season or $28.99 for one month.

NBA League Pass Premium

It is by far the most expensive subscription plan or package. With this package, you will gain access to the local coverage of all teams. It also provides in-arena streaming. It is devoid of any commercials and is therefore pretty effective. It costs $249.99 for the entire season or $39.99 for a month.

Well, we have really tried our best indeed. You can be certain that any of the channels we have listed and explained above will yield you the needed degree of satisfaction. Now that we have just a few days left to go, we urge you to put your house in order. Narrow your choice to just one of the channel which you may consider most appropriate.

Go ahead and make the necessary preparations in anticipation of the start of the tournaments. Be sure to iron out technical issues to avoid unnecessary interruptions on the big day. As always, we wish you all the best in your preparations and subsequent streaming of the upcoming NBA Games.