NBA Playoffs Preview

Cavaliers vs Pacers game

Cavaliers won Game 5 in the most amazing way you could think of, with a dagger 3-pointer, thanks to LeBron James. Time did not allow the cavaliers hit a 3-3 series tied. Friday’s Game 6 is an opportunity for the Pacers to get even with the Cavs.

The Pacers featured in all games that occurred this season, including game 5 too. For the Pacers, Oladipo gave a total of 12 points and the team got a huge 22 points from Domantas Sabonis. That shot does not mean it is over, and the Cavaliers have to win the hostile Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Game 6.

Thunder vs Jazz game

Thunder and Jazz have scores to settle in Salt Lake City during Game 6. In Game 5 series, Jazz had it locked up. However, Paul George and Russell Westbrook changed the game swiftly. So, the Game 6 is an opportunity for the Jazz to make up for what they couldn’t achieve in the previous game.

Also, the Thunder will strife to push off elimination while an “A” game is what is expected of Westbrook and George. During Last season’s playoff, Houston Rockets got kicked off by Thunder with 4-1 while Jazz gave Golden State Warriors four to nill during the second round.

Raptors vs Wizards game

The Wizards season already end after their last win. I will say they are in the critical stage right now. On a flipside, the front runner- Raptors- will survive till the series ends on Friday’s during Washington’s home court Game 6.

Get ready! The Wizards may face a big challenge from the Raptors as the former is up for a do-or-die game. What awaits the winner will be whoever emerges from the Pacers-Cavs series. As tough as it may eventually turn out, one thing is sure; it’s going to be fun!

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